2017-05-24: Perfect combination of Antibodies to develop an effective IBD assay

Please see the Tech notes here http://publications.lactosan-sanovo.com/BIOTECH/technotes-mrp14s10049/ or the datasheet here: http://publications.lactosan-sanovo.com/BIOTECH/datasheet-s100a8-2/.
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2017-02-01: Welcome to new QC/QA Manager, Ida Tornøe

The SANOVO BIOTECH A/S team has recently welcomed a new employee, Ida Tornøe. Ida will be heading the QC/QA department. You can find the contact details of Ida Tornøe under 'contact'. 

2016-12-22: New Product launch & Latest News

The SANOVO BIOTECH A/S team recently launched a new product, ANTI-MRP14 IgY within the product range of primary antibodies. The antibody has a great potential to be a central element in the development of a commercial, diagnostic product for inflammatory bowel disease (IB).

Furthermore, SANOVO BIOTECH A/S is constantly investing in developing new technologies and collaborating with public institutes such as University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Hvidovre hospital (HVH) and the State Serum Institute (SSI). Recently, we have started examining the connection between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Periodontal Disease, which will lead to implementation of phage display technology and chicken monoclonal antibody services.

For details about our products please contact the R&D department at: salessupport@ sanovobiotech.com. 

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