SANOVO BIOTECH A/S - Contract Immunization Service

SANOVO BIOTECH A/S offers contract immunization service according to your antigen, specifications and quantity as well as quality requirements.

This service includes:
  • Immunizing chickens (Brown/White Leghorn) with customer provided antigens: Protein, Peptide, DNA, Plasmid, Cells, small molecules or custom prepared antigen by Sanovo Biotech suppliers (according to customer requirements).  Initially 1-1.5 mg of the desired antigen with purity > 98 % is needed. In addition to this, information about the PI, molecular size and special chemical conditions for handling of the antigen (i.e. low pH, use of special acids etc.) are required. 

  • Immunization will be carried out for 10 weeks. Alternatively, the immunization can also be prolonged depending upon the customer requirement (for additional antigen boosts an extra amount of antigen is required). 

We offer folowing purification options in research as well as in bulk quantities:

#Option 1

  • Total IgY Purification

    • Removal of unwanted proteins and lipoproteins together with lipids and fats

    • Sterile filtration and no traces of harsh chemicals or toxins

    • Highly purified product with purity ≥ 95%.

This option includes production and delivery of minimum 100ml total IgY isolated from immune eggs laid by chickens immunized with your antigen of choice. Antibody concentration of the total IgY is ≥ to 10mg/ml. The antigen specific antibody fraction typically ranges from 2-10 % depending on the immunogenicity of the antigen.

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#Option 2

  • Affinity Purification

    • Conjugation of antigen to the column matrix

    • Production of mono-specific polyclonal chicken antibodies

    • Report including the purity and yield data.

    • Kinetic and SPRi analysis (optional)

In addition to Option1, the product will be further purified based on antigen affinity. This step will require a minimum of 3 mg of antigen of >40 % purity. The yield is typically 30 mg of affinity purified polyclonal chicken IgY antibody, >99 % of the antibodies being highly antigen specific.

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Please contact us at or call us at +45 6611 1732 for additional prices and individual agreements.